Nobody Likes Viruses…

Ever since the days of the NES and Dr. Mario, we gamers have been busting bugs, tossing pills, and generally everything in our power to kill the greasy little buggers.  

If you’re reading this from the future, you’ll either chuckle at remembering the ridiculous overreaction of 2020; or see this as a somber reminder of a g;obal pandemic.  History will be the judge, I guess.

“Social Distancing”

I work as a teacher to pay the bills – hopefully someday, enough folks will enjoy something I make that I’ll be able to go full time as a game developer and creative…but that’s another blog, right?

Anyway, all schools in the state are shuttered for the next 6 weeks – at minimum.  We’ll probably never find out if anyone in my school was actually sick, but almost everything in the US is shutting down to halt the virus’ spread.  Our school didn’t have the time, money, or technical resources to attempt any sort of distance learning (I work in one of the most impoverished schools in the state) – besides…how do you Skype a band rehearsal, anyway?

Long story short, I’m home for the next 6 weeks.  As a devout practicing introvert, I’m happy to sit at home and work on artwork, code, and design for our next game.  While this may eat into my summer at some point, at least I have a long sustained period to work.

If you’re somehow reading this in the present, my challenge to you is to stay busy and take advantage of this time.  Forums and YouTube tutorials are great ways to pass the time, and actually help you grow…more than binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix, anyway.  Do fun things, too…but invest some of your time learning a new skill; practice your artwork, typing, or do your own “Game Jam” to sharpen your Unity skills. 

I’m staying safe, and getting back to work.  Hang in there, world!!